About Trainings in general:

What is a training in EGEA?

A training – as we EGEAns use the term- is an event where you can improve your soft skills and learn new things about yourself. A good training will leave you with new competences such as improved rhetoric and presentation skills.

What makes a training a good training?

A good training is a training where you feel comfortable to participate; where you learn something new about yourself, your abilities and what it is possible to achieve with them.

What is the difference between a workshop and a training?

A WORKSHOP is all about solving a specific problem using discussion rounds, presentations, seminars and so on and so forth. Thus you exchange facts and information, creating techniques and strategies for approaching problems and challenges. The focus of a TRAINING, on the other hand, is the acquisition of new competences and skills. These can be social soft skills, for example: in the field of communication.

What are soft skills?

Soft Skills are the competences you need when you interact with other people: communication skills, presentation skills, team management etc. These are all soft skills that you can learn, practice and fine tune throughout your whole life.

What is Faciliation?

Facilitation is a way of teaching. It is a technique whereby the facilitator creates an atmosphere that stimulates the group to learn. In this way, the learners experience firsthand by experimenting rather than listening to a theoretical lecture. It is a hands-on practical approach that guides the learner during their learning experience.

What is Non-Formal Education?

Non-Formal Education is a way to learn outside the established formal learning structure that is found in schools and universities. Every time you learn something in another environment, like when people guide and instruct you and help you to accomplish learning something new during EGEA events. In this way, you are actually being educated in a non-formal way.

Why should I attend a training?

Why not? Everybody can gain something during a training, whether you already have experience or this is totally new for you, during a good training session you can always learn something new or gain even deeper knowledge. Besides, who of us can claim that they are already perfect? Life is progress!

About trainings and trainers in EGEA:

Where can I find trainings to attend?

The event calendar and the activities section show you all the trainings organised at the moment. Besides those, there might also be trainings at some of the congresses or other events, for more information you have to check the event pages.

Furthermore the Training Committee (TC) provides you with information about trainings outside of EGEA on the forum.

Can I become a trainer in EGEA?

Yes, of course! We are always glad to find new trainers for EGEA. If you want to learn about facilitation methods and non-formal learning, take a closer look at the FINE (Facilitators In Non-formal Education) event. It takes place in late summer/ early autumn and is EGEA’s training for trainers.

Can I attend training events outside of EGEA and then list myself as a trainer in EGEA?

Yes, you can. If you have attended a training for trainers or a similar event, feel free to contact us and we will add you to our trainer database and provide you with further information. (LINK)

Are there specific qualities that a person should have to be a trainer?

A trainer should be an open-minded person, who has the will to create an appropriate learning environment and wants to help others learn. Therefore he/she should know about the theoretical background of the topic of the training whilst also being able to handle a group of people and guide them during their learning experience.

Where can I find helpful material for trainings?

There is a special section for this in the download section (check name), where the trainers can share material. You can also ask around among the other trainers, they usually have a lot of material.

Furthermore, we as the TC, have created a collection of games and ice breakers which can be found in the download section.

How can I get in contact with trainers?

For this purpose the TC established a database containing most of EGEA’s trainers. If you want to contact trainers or get into the database, please contact us via e-mail: tc@egea.eu.

Do you want to know more? Write us your questions, recommendations, critique or whatever is on your mind, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. tc@egea.eu.

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