Each year the Scientific Committee tries to organise at least one e-Lecture which is open for everyone who is interested in Geography and all it’s differnet subjects. An e-Lecture is a lecture given online by a geographer who is an expert in a specific field of Geography and tries to bring science and certain aspects of Geography closer to Egeans and all who is interested in the wonderfull world of science.

Below you can find an overview of all the previously organised e-lectures:

7th e-lecture – Regulating sex through space (12th of may 2014)

What does planning have to do with sex? And why should urban studies be concerned with sexuality? In this lecture Prof. Phil Hubbard from the university of Kent explored such issues.

6th e-Lecture – Geomorphology and Geoconservation (5th of November 2013)

This lecture was about Geoconservation and Geomorphological mapping given by  Harry Seijmonsbergen, a PhD in Physical Geography University of Amsterdam.

5th e-Lecture – The Demographic Crisis of Europe? (7th of August 2013)

Ramon Bauer is a master of science from the Vienna Institute for Geography and the Wittgenstein Centre. This lecture explains the trends and implications of population dynamics in Europe and has a focus on the demographic crisis of Europe.

4th e-Lecture – Climate Change in the Mediterranean Region (20th of June 2012)

The climate history, from historical times to a projected future, in the Mediterranean Region is at the heart of Prof. Dr. Jucundus Jacobeit’s lecture. Prof. Dr. Jucundus Jacobeit from the University of Augsburg is a famous German climatologist with a speciality in the study of climate change.

3rd e-Lecture – Rock Glaciers (26th of January 2012)

Dr. Ivar Berthling from the University of Trondheim led the third e-Lecture about rock glaciers, these enigmatic permafrost landforms that are found in most steep high mountain areas on Earth, and also on Mars. This lecture explains why rock glaciers have been the subject of heated debate in the scientific community, what we may learn from them about science, chaos and order, and the story they tell about landscape development in sensitive high-mountain and polar areas.

2nd e-Lecture – Urban Protest (19th of April 2011)

In this e-Lecture Prof. Dr. Maarten Loopmans from the University of Leuven lectures about what drives urban protest, what its effects on urban policy making are, and what the links with wider protest movements and politics are. Additionally he broaches the specific topic of protest against urban development (which is an evident trigger for urban protest).

1st e-Lecture – Geographical Perspectives on Turkey & EU Integration (23rd of February 2011)

Dr. Gerry O’Reilly form the St Patrick’s College of Dublin approaches the very particular case of Turkey, with one foot in Europe and the other one in Asia. He questions the relationship between Turkey and the EU and the possibility of an EU integration for the country.