Our topic: “Green City – sustainable | urban | development”

Cities are shaping our daily life significantly, as already today every second person lives in an urban environment! Over the last decades, humans made cities their “natural habitat” and still tend to exclude nature out of it.

By the year 2050 more than two-third of the world population will be living in cities. This represents a number of 6.4 billion people. Worldwide people immigrate to cities, hoping to find a better place to live. Urban development creates new and unknown problems. The question of space in urban areas, access to clean water, intensive traffic and increase of environmental pollution are just a few examples of the challenges that cities are facing all over the world.

As we are facing global problems we have to rethink our behavior to create conditions on earth worth living, also for future generations.

During the congress we want to deal with the potential of sustainable urban development.

According to the three dimensions of sustainability, we would like to work on the ecological, social and economical issues, which are shaping “Green Cities” for the future. The questions are: How to start facing the big challenges and how to find effective strategies to mobilize the cities for the upcoming changes?